it is under attack



A live virtual event that will help to shape a censure free country

The first of Sabrina Lloyd's 2022 STAND ALONE EVENT SERIES
with special guest Ryan Chamberlin

April 28th | 2-4pm EST

Freedom Of Speech Should Be Effective.

In a world ruled by COVID and forces beyond our control, we’re all turning to other outlets for news to understand the world we’re living in.

71% of Americans Now Get News Content Via Social Platforms

The growing dominance of social media has increased our reliance on Instagram and Twitter for news, but as we turn our reliance to social media and it’s accessibility, how do we learn to trust the information we’re consuming and create an atmosphere that celebrates different opinions

Together, we can create an atmosphere that cultivates positive, two-sided conversations. 

Join my FREE Event and together we’ll

  • Create better, educated dialogue with people 
  • Generate opinions backed by principles and values
  • Communicate to learn and unite
  • Understand what we DON’T know and learn from each other

I’m Sabrina Lloyd, an entrepreneur, executive coach, and self-made millionaire.

I came to the United States with a car and a bag of clothes and built a multi-million dollar empire with an award winning team. I studied my whole life to be a Doctor of Medicine and life put me on a different path because of necessity. I started in business with American Income Life and quickly rose to be a top producer internationally. I have gone on to break record after record in every category and multiple territories as a leader and as a business owner. I am the founder and CEO of L.L.O.Y.D. Agencies which has been voted one of Chicago’s Best Places to Work. Lloyd Agencies is one the the fastest growing teams that develops people with executive training and leadership coaching. I received the distinction of being selected to be among the “20 Most Inspiring Women Leaders 2022”. When I’m not working, I enjoy the luxuries of life—my books, my cars, traveling, and most of all my beautiful children. 


Ryan Chamberlin is an Author, Speaker, and Leadership Influencer. For 25 years he worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders across the United States, assisting them in growing their influence and profitability. Ryan has authored 4 books on Value-Driven Success including one with the late relationship expert Gary Smalley titled The Rich You Formula. Ryan has worked with Success Magazine, is a TEDx speaker, and has been the keynote speaker on hundreds of stages across the country. In 2016 Ryan was invited to give a TEDx talk titled Giving Changes Everything. 

In 2020 he ran for US Congress in the most competitive race in Florida. This campaign focused on making a difference and bringing awareness to issues in national security, taxes and spending, and our
constitutional rights. In January of 2021, he co-founded the True Patriot Network which recently launched a value-driven social media platform called TPN.

Why the FREE SPEECH Virtual Event?

  • Learn how to create better, educated dialogue with people 
  • Generate opinions backed by principles and values you can share with anybody
  • Communicate to learn and unite polarized parties
  • Understand what we DON’T know and learn from each other


The goal of this event is to unite two polarized parties and create an atmosphere of understanding and mutual respect. Joining this event will empower you to celebrate people’s difference of opinions and carry on better dialogue with your peers. 

Spend a few hours with us at this event and you’ll walk away feeling empowered and capable of having a respectful conversation that will leave you feeling empowered and invigorated!

Thursday, April 28th | 2-4pm EST